Employers of Teen Workers

Job Fairs

Parents, teachers and mentors should encourage teens to attend job fairs that focus on potential careers (technology, healthcare, finance, etc.) that they are interested in pursuing. This is a helpful show-and-tell of what employers are looking for in potential job candidates. This helps the teens to see the "real world" of what certain careers demand and want in their successful job applicants. It helps to show what they can expect in terms of salary expectations, benefits, where the jobs are typically located, travel and specific skills and/or education requirements. It also provides the names and locations of companies in that field of work when they are ready to look for their first post-education job. It's a useful way to find internships and employers who will further their next level of education with "golden handcuffs" (a contractual exchange of employer education payments for an exclusive employee work contract for a designated time period).

  • Thank your for sharing your suggestion and thoughts! Are there resources and tools that DOL could create to share during job fairs that would help teens who attend understand their workplace rights in addition to the very valuable and beneficial information/experience you mention?

    Comment by OSHA Moderator 21 , Annotation by Jane Leeds


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