Employers of Teen Workers

Keep your young workers OUT of the Emergency Room

When I was in high school I was an active particapant in DECA (Distributive Education Club of America).   This was a formal class that focused on business and allowed students to have a job and earn a "work" credit.  This allowed for me to have the credits that I needed for school and be able to earn money, which in my family was also a "need" more then a "want".

We learned about how businesses function, made money, came up with products, handled employees, but never focused on safety.

I have been in the safety world now for 5 years at a cheese manufacturing company.  I know how important it is to always have safety out in front everyday.  I think that it would be wise to have a program put together with the help of local busineeses where young first time employees can come and learn about what to how to protect themselves.

This could include things such as PPE, ergo, cleanliness, fatigue etc.  It would be great if there was time to have a session presented in places like DECA as part of the hiring process with the school and employers support.  

I could even see this branching off into "check in" type meeting to have the students share experiences.



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