Employers of Teen Workers

Oklahoma Department of Labor

The Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) provides various services and guidance to help Oklahoma employers provide a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. One such service is our Child Labor Division, where Child Labor Specialist Lester Claravall, ( lester.claravall@labor.ok.gov ) is eager to help employers, parents, students, and educators fully understand and successfully navigate the unique opportunities and reasonable safety restrictions for employing teen workers. He will gladly direct teen workers' and their employers to helpful resources such as ODOL's website ( https://www.ok.gov/Labor/ ), which has a free child labor law poster summarizing employment opportunities and work restrictions for teen workers. Another service the ODOL offers is OSHA Consultation, which is a free and confidential workplace consultation to help Oklahoma employers develop and implement a safety and health management system for their workplace. Employers seeking assistance with OSHA compliance, or to request a workplace presentation, or schedule an OSHA consultation visit, may contact the OSHA Consultation Division at (405) 521-6141. The ODOL's mission is to "foster a safe, healthy, fair and productive Oklahoma," which begins by ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for Oklahoma employees, particularly our young workers. Please contact the ODOL today if we may be of assistance!



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