Teens and Teen Workers

Social Media Connects with Students

I found it difficult to connect with students in our School to Career program/Youth Apprenticeship program because I do not see them every day in a class. I created MhsJobs about 6 years ago because I was in the community talking to employers and they would have job openings that they wanted local students to know about. I had a job board at school, but if a student didn't actively stop to look at it--they wouldn't have a clue what opportunities are out there. I now have employers that I have connected with that will call me first to post their job openings because they know about MhsJobs. The same goes for students that are looking for a job--they follow MhsJobs to learn about local openings and learn more about companies they have never heard of before. Teens are tuned in to items that pertain to them at their station in life--so I post resources about interviewing, resumes, and job searches on MhsJobs so they can also learn about the process of getting a job. Utilizing social media and each local school districts School to Career program can help gain access to getting workplace regulations/rights out into the hands of the students.



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