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Working a Job Fair with or without a disability

Last Edited by Andy Winnegar

Career Fair, Business Expos and Virtual Job Fairs all have something to offer but you need to be prepared.  If you are planning on attending one let me give you some advice.  These are not in priority order so try to read them all. 

1. Check out who the employers are. Doing a little research on each employer will provide you enough information to have a conversation with a hiring specialist. If you need to bring the information with you. 

2. Have a card or a one page contact sheet prepared.  You will want your name, email, phone number and any relevant job reference to hand out if necessary. When you hand this to someone let them know your are ready to go to work.

3. Get to the event first.  Be the first one in the door as soon as they let you in.  This is a big advantage and something everyone should try to do.

4.  Some of these employers will be hiring on the spot, others will want to do some reference and background checking.  Be sure to delete anything questionable on your social media sites prior to going to the job fair. Ask if you can call someone later to check on your status.

5. Listen instead of talking.  It helps to bring a note pad and a couple of pens to write down anything that you learn that might help you get a job.

6. Dress with the proper attire and have good hygiene.  They will notice who looks and acts ready to work. This goes for a virtual job fair too. 

7. Be happy, smile have fun but don't hang around too long.  If you have done your introductions and a little networking it is alright to move on.

8. Shake hand firmly and make good eye contact. Thank everyone for their time. If you are sitting at a booth and are introduced to someone else stand up to shake hands.

9.  If you have a visible disability and you need a job accommodation share this information.  If you don't need an accommodation, say so.  If you don't have a visible disability and don't need an accommodation to apply for the job, there is no need to disclose your disability or health condition.

10.  Finally in this age of COVID-19 if you have received your vaccination be sure to let them know.  This may help you get the job.



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